We Just Got to Charlotte

We got here early in the morning yesterday and started looking for South Charlotte NC apartments. Obviously our stuff is still back home in South Carolina and for now we are going to spend a week or so in an extended stay hotel thanks to the boss. He is the one who got himself in this jam and he is not pretending that it is not all his fault. Of course I knew the guy who used to have this territory and I know that it is really easy to get upset with him. I have called him a couple of names myself, the guy just does not consider what other people think unless he is trying to get over on them. In fact he is pretty good at sales in spite of himself, although people get tired of him all of the time. (more…)

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I Am Enjoying Life at Palisades

I knew that I wanted a two bedroom apartment around Manassas Virginia. Other than that, I really did not know what kind of apartment I wanted. I had never lived in one before, but my job was too unstable to consider anything other than an apartment for the time being. I knew I would be in the area for at least two years, so I just started looking at decent apartments for Manassas VA area. I came across some that I knew I would never step foot in even for a tour, and I came across others that I knew I could not possibly afford because they are just that nice.

However, there were still quite a few in my price range, and they were really nice ones at that. (more…)

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